The 3rd Edition of Olympic Cities book is published

Olympic Cities: City Agendas, Planning, and the World’s Games, 1896 – 2020, 3rd Edition is published on the 12th of July, 2016.  Prof Graeme Evans and Dr Ozlem Edizel have contributed to the book with London 2012 chapter.

The first of its three parts provides overviews of the urban legacy of the four component Olympic festivals: the Summer Games; Winter Games; Cultural Olympiads; and the Paralympics. The second part comprisessystematic surveys of seven key aspects of activity involved in staging the Olympics: finance; place promotion; the creation of Olympic Villages; security; urban regeneration; tourism; and transport. The final part consists of nine chronologically arranged portraits of host cities, from 1936 to 2020, with particular emphasis on the six Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games of the twenty-first century.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction (John R. Gold and Margaret M. Gold), Part I: The Olympic Festivals, 2. The Enduring Enterprise: The Summer Olympics, 1896–2012 (John R. Gold and Margaret M. Gold), 3. The Winter Olympics: Driving Urban Change, 1924–2022 (Stephen J. Essex and Jiska de Groot), 4. The Cultural Olympiads (Beatriz García), 5. The Paralympic Games (John R. Gold and Margaret M. Gold), Part II: Planning and Management, 6. Olympic Finance (Holger Preuss), 7. Promoting the Olympic City(Stephen V. Ward), 8. Olympic Villages (Tony Sainsbury), 9. Security (Jon Coaffee and Pete Fussey),10. Urban Regeneration (Andrew Smith), 11. Olympic Tourism (Mike Weed), 12. Olympic Transport (Eva Kassens-Noor), Part III: City Portraits, 13. Berlin 1936 (Monika Meyer), 14. Mexico City 1968 (Michael Barke), 15. Munich 1972 (Monika Meyer), 16. Sydney 2000 (Robert Freestone and Simon Gunasekara),17. Athens 2004 (Margaret M. Gold), 18. Beijing 2008 (Ian G. Cook and Steven Miles), 19. London 2012(Graeme Evans and Özlem Edizel), 20. Rio de Janeiro 2016 (Gabriel Silvestre), 21. Tokyo 2020(Yasushi Aoyama)

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